Villas of River Park

8421 Newburgh Road

Evansville, IN 47715



General information to new owners:


The Villas of River Park Owners Association is a legally incorporated entitiy with bylaws that are a legal document on file with the County Recorder.  The bylaws define your rights and responsibilities as an owner and a member of the Association.

Each owner should receive a copy of the Bylaws from the previous owner or realtor.  If you did not receive yours, contact the manager as soon as possible for a replacement.


In addition to the bylaws, there are “Rules and Regulations” that have been authorized by the board of directors and that may be revised occasionally as new issues are discussed.  The rules are intended to assure that all owners can live in a pleasant and safe environment and with ceratin protections for property values.  The rules are currently in the process of revision and hopefully will be completed and distributed within the next few months.  In the meantime, you should have a copy of the version approved in 2001.  if not, contact the manager.  These rules detail the procedures and requirements for use of common areas (i.e., anything outside your own door and including the clubhouse and pool) and restricted common areas (i.e., your patio and driveway).


A word of caution before you spend money on anything outdoors.  Do not assume that certain outdoor items are permissible just because you see them somewhere on the grounds.  Since June of 2003, the board has postponed enforcement of certain rules related to outdoor flower planting, statuary, flags, visible color of window treatment, house numbers, lights and benches because of some inconsistencies in interpretation or enforcement of previous regulations.  Once this is clarified, and previously approved variances are reviewed, non-compliant items will be addressed.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact a board member or the manager with any questions.